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Interested in joining the summer school in 2024? African and other international students can apply here following the instructions below. Deadline extended to March 25th (applications are closed)

While only a limited number of participants can receive financial support to join the school in person, every interested applicant will receive mentorship leading up to the workshop.

The target audience are PhD students in their first year and MSc students in their final year or students with an equivalent qualification, e.g., gained through working in the fields of computer vision and AI. The summer school primarily targets African students and is open to all international students.

Fees. Our goal is to fund all African students through our travel grants and scholarships (see application instructions below). The the fees for others are:

Photo under CC by Diana Robinson


The inaugural 2024 summer school will be held
July 14-24 in Nairobi, Kenya. 

The venue is kindly provided by the
Microsoft Research Institute (MARI).

Application instructions

0. Discuss benefits and costs with your supervisor  
We support applications that are to the benefit of the student, their research group, and the community. Please ask your supervisor or mentor to write a letter of support that you will attach to the application as .PDF.

You can preview the application form here as a PDF.

1. Create an account on using your institutional e-mail, unless you have already.
Note that this is the same platform as used for the major computer vision and machine learning conferences. We use it for handling and reviewing applications.

If you receive a warning that the account creation may take up to two weeks, this is because you are trying to use a personal e-mail or your institute is not yet recognized by OpenReview. In the latter case, ask for your institute to be added via the contact form displayed to you when attempting to create an account (see image on the right). Typically this process takes only a few days, not weeks.
If you only have a personal e-mail, you can still register. It takes about 1-3 days to be approved by OpenReview (see FAQ)

2. Log in and create a submission on by clicking the ACVSS Summer School Submission button

3. Write a motivation and experience statements
We recommend drafting these in an external editor so you don't loose text in the forms when editing for long periods.

4. Sign with your name to confirm and press submit
Complete the form and make sure that all your entries are correct. You can revise your submission until the submission deadline, for as many times as you want. 

To revise your submission, go to the author console, open your application submission, press edit in the top-right corner, and select Revision. Then submit the revised version as before. Only your latest version will count.

5. We will notify the applicants shortly after the submission deadline on admission and the provided funding. Please start looking into visa requirements right away as the timeline is tight.


Before reaching out, please check our page on Frequently Asked Questions.

For clarifications on the admission and funding possibilities, please reach out to or directly to any of the organizers with a specific request.


For becoming a reviewer or mentor, please put down your name in the following form:

For contributing by other means or suggesting contributors, please reach out to the organizers through

For sponsorship and funding inquiries, please reach out to the funding chairs via We will then provide a detailed budget and financial model.