Donating as an individual

We receive funding for ACVSS from a combination of public programs, company sponsors, and private donors. Our goal for private donations for ACVSS 2024 is $30,000.  The donated funds will be used solely to support ACVSS attendees. In case we receive donations exceeding this amount, we will either increase the number of students in the 2024 cohort or if time does not permit, we will save it for the 2025 cohort.

Our fiscal sponsor, the Masakhane Research Foundation, securely receives donations via PayPal from individuals all over the world, regardless of whether they have a PayPal account. If you have any queries regarding larger donations or ways to support ACVSS, please feel free to contact us at

Sponsoring as a company

Please refer to our sponsorship packages for companies.


What is the Masakhane Research Foundation?

Masakhane Research Foundation is our fiscal sponsor and therefore they are responsible for handling all donations that will be used exclusively for the African Computer Vision Summer School.  

They are a Kenyan-based non-profit organization whose mission is to promote research in natural language processing (NLP) for African languages.

Will I be acknowledged as a donor ?

It's up to you. Shortly after your donation, you will receive an email offering the option for your name to be mentioned on our webpage.
As a company, if you donate more than $2,500 you will qualify as an official sponsor of ACVSS and may have a logo on our page along with other benefits detailed in our sponsoring packages.

How ACVSS will use the donations ?

All donations will be used to fund scholarships and travel grants for ACVSS attendees, making the summer school accessible to a wider range of people.

As an estimate, a fully funded participant costs around $1,700. This amounts to  about $1,000 for travel and $700 for scholarship grant (accommodation, attendance, meals) on average.

We are also funding almost all teaching assistants and speakers to come on-site.

Can I wire transfer my donation ? Can I donate bigger amount ?

You can. For details, please contact us at

Do donations lead to tax deductions or tax credits?

While this might be the case, we cannot guarantee this will lead to any tax cuts for you, as this is dependent on the fiscal law applying to you.

Masakhane is a Kenyan-based Non-Profit Organisation. To verify whether you can benefit from tax cuts or not (deductions or credits) please contact your fiscal services and feel free to contact us as well, and we will follow up with our accountant at Masakhane Research Foundation.

*Donation Disclaimer

We, ACVSS organizers, want to express our gratitude for your interest in supporting the summer school. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and plays a vital role in increasing the capacity and supporting the growth of computer vision experts on the African continent. We assure you that every donation, regardless of size, makes a meaningful impact on our ability to achieve our goals and we are committed to using all donations responsibly and effectively to further our mission and serve our community.

We need to clarify that donations made to Masakhane in support of the first African Computer Vision Summer School are made voluntarily and without expecting goods, services, or favors in return. Following your donation, you will be offered the option to be listed as a private donor on our website.