Frequently Asked Questions

Application related questions

How do I apply? 

What is required to apply?

I don't have an institutional e-mail account. My institution does not hand out e-mail accounts. How to register?

OpenReview gives me a warning that my account registration will take two weeks. What can I do?

I can't get OpenReview to work, despite trying for three days. Is there an alternative way to register?

How to apply if I cannot get a support letter from the supervisor?

Financial Support (Scholarship and travel grants)

Are there scholarships, financial support or travel grants for the ACVSS?

Can the financial support cover my flight tickets?

Can the financial support cover my fees for attending ACVSS?

What does 'African student' mean in context of the scholarship? Am I eligible?

What are my chances for receiving financial support (scholarship and travel grant)?

Booking and Visa

Can I book my own accommodation?

Can I arrange my own travel?

How do I apply for a visa/ETA?